750W Oksasaha, 20 cm laippa



  • Tehokas, suorituskykyinen 750W moottori
  • 20 cm:n Oregon® -laippa ja -ketju
  • Erittäin suorituskykyinen, ketjunnopeus 10 m/s
  • Voidaan pidentää jopa 2,7 metrin pituiseksi, ylettyy jopa 4 metrin korkeuteen
  • Sahapää 15° kulmassa, helpottaa oksien leikkaamista ja antaa paremman kontrollin
  • Automaattinen ketjun ja laipan voitelu
  • Irrotettava varsi, ylettyy korkeammalle sekä helpottaa varastointia

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 — Did exactly what we wantedRPP750S

I'm 5'3" and can use this with ease. I've used other pole reach tools but often them too heavy, with the weight being in the top. I used it to cut some very thick, high branches from trees in our garden. Cut through very large branches with ease and saved me the cost of hiring a tree surgeon. Have never used a chainsaw before, I found this straightforward and easy to handle. Would recommend.

 — Saws works well but the chain slips off fairly easy, had to take apart several times to reset the chain RPP750S

I do like the saw bc its a lot easier and faster than the manual pole saw

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